TEOXANE Deep Repair Balm 30ml

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Ultra-Comfort Soothing Balm

Helps to repair and restore the skin after aesthetic procedures. Instantly soothes and calms to help the skin restore it’s natural balance.

Skin concerns:
Irritated or sensitized skin
Redness due to external aggressors
Post aesthetic treatment

Efficacy tests results
Skin is soothed: 100%
Skin is hydrated: 100%
The product restores immediate comfort: 89%

Active ingredients:
RHA - TEOXANE Laboratories’proprietary crosslinked HA
Neutrazen™ - lipopeptide that helps to reduce skin inflammation
Arnica - natural extract with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties
Helichrysum - natural anti-brusing properties

The moisturising and filmogen action of DEEP REPAIR BALM helps restoring the altered skin protection function.
DEEP REPAIR BALM is indicated for:

•The care of irritated, sensitised or dry skin caused by external factors (wind, cold, sun…)
•Accompanying professional aesthetic procedures (injections, laser treatment, peeling…)
•Soothing, moisturising and reducing skin redness that is characteristic of localised skin disorders.

Apply to dry or sensitised areas by massaging gently as often as necessary. DEEP REPAIR BALM can be used to soothe the skin after a TEOXANE aesthetic procedure.